Elena was born and grew up in a small town in the far east of Russia. From early childhood she was a creative person trying many different activities: folk dance, ballet, playing the guitar, sewing, knitting, jewelry making, etc. Once she tried an art class in a local art studio, the teacher praised her and told her to come back. Returning home in a state of euphoria she told her parents that she wanted to attend the classes, but the art studio was too far from home, and they couldn’t take Elena there every day, so they refused her. 

After that incident it seemed like Elena forgot about art. Of course, she drew at home, because she loved doing it so much, but she never dreamt about being a professional artist, until the age 32. It was considered that being an artist was not really a profession, it was a hobby, and you would never make your living as an artist. So, at University she majored in Economics.

In the year of 2016 Elena, her husband and their son moved to the USA. Elena was trying to find out who she was, what she wanted in her life. It was a perfect time for her transformation, when you thought that art was just a hobby and now think that art could be a profession. Since that period of her life, she has never parted with her pencil and brush again. She was completing one course after another, absorbing knowledge like a sponge, learning both from American and Russian artists. 

In the year of 2021 Elena started the Mastery Program by Milan Art Institute. It became a life changing experience for her. It helped her both to find her voice and to believe in herself as an artist. 

Now she works as a professional artist in her home studio in Lincoln, California. She never stops learning and she also continues her experiments with her art.


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